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Audioguide Elche

Ficha Técnica de la Audioguía
  • Duración: 60 minutos
  • Número de Pistas: 22
  • Tipo: Profesional
  • Temática: CityBreaks
  • Pertenece a: Raul Sánchez Tarí
  • Fecha de Grabación:
  • Idioma:en
  • Otros idiomas: es fr en
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    Audioguide Elche

Elche en el Mapa

Audioguide Elche

Audioguide Elche

1) Welcome and introduction

GPS de Welcome and introduction: 38.2683, -0.696607

The Lady of Elche bust, the palm grove and the Misteri performances have made this Mediterranean oasis a place of world reknown. The visitor to Elche will find a lively city with many places of historic and cultural interest; wide green expanses... leer más

2) Palacio de Altamira

GPS de Palacio de Altamira: 38.2679, -0.698597

The Moorish Palace, also known as the Palace of Altamira, is of Arabic origin dating from the 11th century, and is located within a walled enclosure which covered some 6 hectares and conserves some remains of its walls, watch towers, moat and the... leer más

3) MAHE - Museum of Archaeology and History of Elche

GPS de MAHE - Museum of Archaeology and History of Elche: 38.2679, -0.698337

The museum is located in the centre of the Altamira Palace, and also known as the Alcàsser de la Senyoria, occupying the entire fortress and the first floor of an underground car park built in the area behind the fortress. The Museum of... leer más

4) Municipal Park

GPS de Municipal Park: 38.2694, -0.698367

After the Spanish Civil War, the municipal government saw the need to provide the city with a park in order to spread out the local population. The orchard area known as El hort de Colomer, located between the Vinalopó river and the train... leer más

5) The Basílica of Santa María and the Tower of Calahorra

GPS de The Basílica of Santa María and the Tower of Calahorra: 38.2673, -0.697042

The importance of the minor archpriest basilica of Santa María is owing to its architecture, its being the city’s main church and for the performances of the drama ‘Misteri d’Elx’. Indeed, the plans were made with the intention of hosting... leer más

6) La Glorieta

GPS de La Glorieta: 38.266, -0.696318

Corredora Street passes alongside La Glorietta Square. It starts by the palace-home of Jorge Juan, a barroc building of the 18th century, which belonged to the mathematician and mariner Jorge Juan Santacilia, and ends in the Baix Square. This... leer más

7) Congress Centre

GPS de Congress Centre: 38.264, -0.695561

The construction of the 4 towers of buildings and the paving of the square started to define the appearance of this meeting place for the people of Elche. The Congress Centre, with a capacity for 450 people in its main hall, is a driving force for... leer más

8) Museum of the Palm Grove

GPS de Museum of the Palm Grove: 38.2641, -0.693233

The museum of the palm grove is found in the house of the orchard of San Plácido, built in the 19th century, with two buildings joined by a wooden passage. The palm grove causes jobs to be created such as that of the elaboration of the white palm... leer más

9) Jardín Huerto del Cura The Priest’s Orchard Garden

GPS de Jardín Huerto del Cura The Priest’s Orchard Garden: 38.264, -0.691425

The first mention of the Priest’s Orchard Garden was upon its sale in 1846. At that time Andrés Castaño was the tenant, who years later bought the plot and lived there with his family until his death. The name of ‘Priest’ derives from... leer más

10) Route of the Palm Grove 1

GPS de Route of the Palm Grove 1: 38.2628, -0.688888

The oasis is a human creation, which has its origins in the desert where groups of people in the form of a tribe are able to develop an agricultural system in a place where it is ostensibly impossible. The agricultural system that makes the oasis... leer más

11) Route of the Palm Grove 2

GPS de Route of the Palm Grove 2: 38.2596, -0.690722

Legend has it that King Jaime 1st, after conquering the city of Elche, was left admiring the immense palm grove and gave a public order banning the felling of any trees. It is not known wether the measure was taken in order to protect the... leer más

12) The Arab baths and the Convento de la Merced

GPS de The Arab baths and the Convento de la Merced: 38.2675, -0.696269

The Arab baths, that date from the middle of the 12th century, are located below the Convento de la Merced and had been hidden for years due to their use given for storage in the convent. Their restoration and opening to the public in 1998 has... leer más

13) Museum of La Festa and the Misteri d’Elx

GPS de Museum of La Festa and the Misteri d’Elx: 38.2671, -0.698791

The museum of the Festa displays articles of relevance to the Misteri d’Elx such as the wardrobe, the musical instruments used, which are the harp and guitar, a model of the basilica and historical documents, to name but a few. In the second... leer más

14) Town Hall and bridges

GPS de Town Hall and bridges: 38.2653, -0.699123

The city grew to the south, with the consequent emergence of the Baix Square, which was gated on its 4 sides and which gained importance owing to the presence of the Town Hall the market and the fair ground of San Andrés. It underwent a great... leer más

15) Paleontology Museum (MUPE)

GPS de Paleontology Museum (MUPE): 38.2615, -0.699037

This is a walk through the evolution of the species with a starting point going back to the origins of the Earth itself. The tour starts with the origins of the Big Bang – the great explosion that gave birth to the universe. With the Time and... leer más

16) Elche Contemporary Art Museum

GPS de Elche Contemporary Art Museum: 38.2607, -0.698774

The Contemporary Art Museum is housed in a 17th century building and is integrated into the old medieval area know as the Raval neighbourhood, which has a great deal of character and a very historical atmosphere. It stands out as highly recognised... leer más

17) The Pusol museum

GPS de The Pusol museum: 38.2128, -0.732307

The school-museum of Pusol was started in 1969 as an activity linked to the pedagogic project “The school and its Environment”, which studied the professions and traditions of the Elche countryside. The museum does not limit itself to... leer más

18) The Archaeological site of La Alcudia

GPS de The Archaeological site of La Alcudia: 38.2418, -0.691109

The archaeological site of la Alcudia, which was the ancient city of Ilici, is found on a slight elevation 2 kilometres from the centre of Elche, Here one can visit remains from the Iberian, Roman, and Visigoth periods, where particularly the... leer más

19) El Hondo Natural Park

GPS de El Hondo Natural Park: 38.1823, -0.758034

El Hondo Natural Park, also known as ‘El Fondo’, is located between Elche and Crevillente on the flood plains of the Baix Vinalopó. It consists of various lakes, the largest of which are the Levante with a surface area of 450 hectares and the... leer más

20) The Clot de Galvany Natural Park

GPS de The Clot de Galvany Natural Park: 38.2452, -0.564407

The proximity of Clot de Galvany on the coast makes this area quite unique in that the sequence of beach – dunes – salt marsh – swampland can be seen. There are still remains of hillocks whose origins are from coral, such as that of... leer más

21) The Arenales del Sol, Carabassí and Altet Beaches

GPS de The Arenales del Sol, Carabassí and Altet Beaches: 38.2444, -0.515462

The presence of dunes on the coast is a positive symptom of the conservation of a fragile ecosystem, which on the Elche coast has survived the threat of development. On the beaches of Carabassí and El Altet, embryonic dunes can be found... leer más

22) The Pinet, The Marina and les Pesqueres-El Rebollo Beaches

GPS de The Pinet, The Marina and les Pesqueres-El Rebollo Beaches: 38.1458, -0.645572

The access to the beaches via wooden walkways and the traffic restrictions are essential measures for the recovery and conservation of an ecosystem of such fragility and ecological value as this. The characteristics describing the dune fields of... leer más

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