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Salamanca Audio-guide

Ficha Técnica de la Audioguía
  • Duración: 70 minutos
  • Número de Pistas: 25
  • Tipo: Profesional
  • Temática: Monumental
  • Pertenece a: Ayuntamiento de Salamanca
  • Fecha de Grabación:
  • Idioma:en
  • Otros idiomas: es fr en
  • Rutas:
    Route 1: Salamanca Tour

Salamanca en el Mapa

Salamanca Audio-guide

We encourage you to visit us and discover Salamanca, a living city that every year, thanks to rejuvenate the tradition of our universities. We have learned renew with the times without losing our charm to meet the demands of the XXI century tourists with culture, leisure and dining increasingly complete.

Join and share this story and fellowship with us passage. Immerse yourself in this privileged place for meetings and knowledge, European Cultural Capital City World Heritage Site since 1988. However, beyond the prestige titles will soon discover that Salamanca is a city designed to fit the man. A tailor. Thank you for choosing us and welcome to a city which is also that of all of you.

Route 1: Salamanca Tour

1) Introduction

GPS de Introduction: 0, 0

2) Plaza Mayor

GPS de Plaza Mayor: 40.965, -5.66409

One of the biggest and most beautiful squares in Spain and one of the capitals of Baroque monuments and architecture planning Peninsula. leer más

3) The House of Shells

GPS de The House of Shells: 40.9628, -5.66639

Visit the House of Shells, a building that combines elements of Gothic, Renaissance and mudéjares.Observe its facade decorated with more than 300 shells and multiple coats of arms and shields leer más

4) Interior of the House of Shells

GPS de Interior of the House of Shells: 40.963, -5.66582

Inside of the palace, which now houses a public library, we are amazed at the beautiful courtyard. leer más

5) The Clerecia

GPS de The Clerecia: 40.9628, -5.66635

This is a monumental Baroque building erected by the Jesuits in the s. XVIII as a seminar. The architectural complex consists of faculty, school and church and a residence for the Jesuits. leer más

6) The university

GPS de The university: 40.9638, -5.6667

It is one of the most important buildings of Salamanca and one of the jewels of the Spanish Renaissance art. The university building began in the year 1218 by Alfonso IX of León and later Alfonso X the Wise, consolidated as a reference against... leer más

7) Fray Luis de León Room

GPS de Fray Luis de León Room: 40.9636, -5.66695

The historical building of the University treasures hidden inside a classroom atmosphere of genuine as Fray Luis de Leon. leer más

8) Paraninfo

GPS de Paraninfo: 0, 0

He was the chair of increased capacity of the Old Firm, is currently reserved for solemn ceremonies leer más

9) The University Staircase

GPS de The University Staircase: 0, 0

Interesting piece of great beauty that communicates with the library. It has engraved on its three panels a program loaded with symbolism. leer más

10) Where is the frog?

GPS de Where is the frog?: 0, 0

It is a tradition among students and tourists find the frog on the façade of the Historic Building of the University. Which is approved. leer más

11) Minor Schools Patio

GPS de Minor Schools Patio: 0, 0

After Plateresque have access to a courtyard with archways typical Salamanca. Paintings worth a visit for Heaven of Salamanca. leer más

12) Anaya Palace

GPS de Anaya Palace: 40.9631, -5.66463

Neoclassical style, today is the Faculty of Philology. leer más

13) Fachade of the New cathedral

GPS de Fachade of the New cathedral: 40.9599, -5.66628

Extraordinary example of the work of the stone mason who shaped Villamayor convert these frames into real altarpieces. leer más

14) New Cathedral (Interior)

GPS de New Cathedral (Interior): 0, 0

Do not miss the new cathedral built on the left wall of the old cathedral. It was originally thought to demolish the Old Cathedral but reconsidered this idea, keep the two at present. leer más

15) Old Cathedral (Interior)

GPS de Old Cathedral (Interior): 40.9599, -5.66628

Romanesque-style church dedicated to Santa Maria in the field, was built over the centuries XII and XIII. leer más

16) The Stone Cross

GPS de The Stone Cross: 0, 0

17) Roman Bridge

GPS de Roman Bridge: 40.9574, -5.67038

The Roman bridge is part of the Via de la Plata from Mérida to Astorga. The fifteen arches closest to the city are Roman, the other eleven have been reconstructed over time. leer más

18) The Story of Watery Monday

GPS de The Story of Watery Monday: 0, 0

19) Lis House

GPS de Lis House: 40.9597, -5.66676

The Museum of Art Nouveau Art Deco is located in the Casa Lis, a modern palace whose facade looks stunning stained glass windows. There are 19 collections of decorative arts from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, consisting of about... leer más

20) Interior of Lis House

GPS de Interior of Lis House: 0, 0

Inside surprise two of their collections. The chryselephantine and glass. The chryselephantine are small sculptures in bronze and ivory with interesting marble and onyx bases. The sample that exhibits the Museum is the largest public library in... leer más

21) Patio Chico

GPS de Patio Chico: 0, 0

One of the most charming corners of the city brings together the new with the old cathedral. leer más

22) Calixto and Melibea Garden

GPS de Calixto and Melibea Garden: 40.965, -5.66305

Muslim influence garden where fragrant plants and fruit trees allow the enjoyment of the senses. leer más

23) Salamanca Cave

GPS de Salamanca Cave: 40.9602, -5.66424

In the crypt of the ancient church of San Cebrian and the tower of the Marquis of Villena legend places the school in which the devil taught occult, and the Marquis de Villena escape and evasion lost his shadow. leer más

24) Saint Esteban Convent

GPS de Saint Esteban Convent: 40.9596, -5.66221

The convent of San Esteban is part of the intellectual thought of college as a center of religious thought by the number of authors who passed by him and political thought through the influence of his brothers. leer más

25) The Salina Palace

GPS de The Salina Palace: 40.9635, -5.66455

This space, in Renaissance style, was a former salt warehouse. It has inside an irregular courtyard decorated with pictures of twisted bodies. leer más

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