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Audioguide Santa Pola

Ficha Técnica de la Audioguía
  • Duración: 30 minutos
  • Número de Pistas: 19
  • Tipo: Profesional
  • Temática: CityBreaks
  • Pertenece a: Audioguiasonline
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    Audioguía de Santa Pola

Santa Pola en el Mapa

Audioguide Santa Pola

Audioguide of Santa Pola in Alicante, Spain.

Audioguía de Santa Pola

1) “El Palmeral” Roman house

GPS de “El Palmeral” Roman house: 38.195, -0.559321

The Roman house “El Palmeral” was built in the Fourth Century by Portus Illicitanus’ governor. The villa has a central patio or peristile surrounded by a corridor that gives access to seven rooms. Let’s try to picture this grand house,... leer más

2) Portus Illicitanus Ruins

GPS de Portus Illicitanus Ruins: 38.1951, -0.560866

Portus Illicitanus was the port of the of Lulia Illice Augusta settlement, todays Elx. From Portus Illicitanus, Roman merchant ships would set sail loaded with salt meat or fish, as well as amphoras or bottles of oil, wine and ‘Garum’, an... leer más

3) The Port

GPS de The Port: 38.1895, -0.557025

The old port was close to the castle, but when the tide went out and the coastal line moved further towards land, the construction of the new pier was authorised in 1844 in its present location. Santa Pola has the first fishing port of the... leer más

4) Aquarium

GPS de Aquarium: 38.1904, -0.555614

The aquarium was inaugurated in 1983 and is the oldest salt-water aquarium of the Valencia Community. It was originally located inside the castle, but the humidity was damaging the structure. So, in 1998 it was moved to its present location. The... leer más

5) The Way of the Cross (“El Calvario”)

GPS de The Way of the Cross (“El Calvario”): 38.1947, -0.552792

Back in 1967, the bad condition of the castle made it necessary to move the families that lived there to Santa Pola’s upper area. This is how the neighbourhood of El Calvario was born. A beautiful view of the town can be seen from the Arabic... leer más

6) Massapà’s Cisternes

GPS de Massapà’s Cisternes: 38.1905, -0.537444

It has always been the priority for the people of Santa Pola to get and store drinkable water for consumption and farming. Santa Pola’s inhabitants gathered the knowledge from Romans, who were the most skilled in the construction of hydraulic... leer más

7) Beach of Levant

GPS de Beach of Levant: 38.1895, -0.554063

The European scientific community awaited a full Solar eclipse with great anticipation. It was to take place on 28th May 1900 and would be fully visible from Santa Pola. A group of 40 English, Spanish, French and Scottish scientists, along with... leer más

8) Varadero Beach

GPS de Varadero Beach: 38.1888, -0.53694

This beach was formerly called ‘Beach of the Engineers’ due to the large population of shipyard engineers living in the area. It was also the meeting point for the traditional celebration “Mona de Pascua”. This was the day when the... leer más

9) Beaches La Gola and El Pinet

GPS de Beaches La Gola and El Pinet: 38.1734, -0.615046

These two natural beaches are located next to Santa Pol’ Salinas Natural Park, a wetland of great beauty with huge landscape and a plethora of wildlife. If we were at La Gola beach, we would have our backs to the salt mountains. The mineral,... leer más

10) Castle-Fortress

GPS de Castle-Fortress: 38.1921, -0.554664

Although it is commonly referred to as a castle, it is in fact a fortress, built in 1557 by Bernardino de Cárdenas, Valencia’s Viceroy. The engineer Juan Bautista Antonelli was responsible for the Italian Renaissance style of the construction.... leer más

11) The Chain

GPS de The Chain: 38.1959, -0.515885

The place where we are now is referred to as “The Chain” by locals. This is the spot of the peninsula closest to the Isle of Tabarca, the only inhabited island of the Valencia Community, located only 3 miles away. The chain was very small at... leer más

12) Market Square

GPS de Market Square: 38.1923, -0.557081

The bustling market square is the heart of Santa Pola. You can find there a variety of fresh, great quality products such as vegetables, fruits, meats and Santa Pola’s fish (peix). Not to mention the salt meat, fish and pickles. It is normally... leer más

13) Escaletes Watch Tower

GPS de Escaletes Watch Tower: 38.1977, -0.52556

The Watch Towers were built in 1552 under the reign of Felipe II. They are strategically situated to look out for the enemy before they would reach the coast. They communicated among themselves using smoke signs during the day and luminaries at... leer más

14) Grant Alacant

GPS de Grant Alacant: 38.233, -0.548219

Gran Alacant has become a residential area where many European residents, who have chosen Santa Pola because of its mild climate and its beaches, now coexist. The development of this area started in the 1980s, with the first urbanisations: Gran... leer más

15) Paseo marítimo – la Milla

GPS de Paseo marítimo – la Milla: 38.1896, -0.532255

Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente square is the starting point of the hiking trails and also the start of La Milla (the mile). The people of Santa Pola love sports and healthy living, so it is normal to see people walking from this place up to the... leer más

16) Caleta dels Gossets on Cape’s road

GPS de Caleta dels Gossets on Cape’s road: 38.2096, -0.508051

This cove, as its name indicates, allows pets to enjoy a good bath in its crystal-clear waters. The cove dels Gossets is one of Spain’s first beaches adapted for dogs. Behind us, there is the coral reef of the Messinian Era, one of the most... leer más

17) West Beaches (Poniente)

GPS de West Beaches (Poniente): 38.1918, -0.570364

The first swimming regulation issued at Santa Pola set forth the limits of what parts of the body women could and couldn’t show. In those times, the beachgoers, mostly from Elx, would holiday in huts made of palm leaves held up by sticks or... leer más

18) Las Salinas Natural Park

GPS de Las Salinas Natural Park: 38.1894, -0.607615

We are now at a wetland of international importance, declared a natural park in 1986 for its beautiful landscape and wildlife, where you can appreciate the connection between the salt industry, and the park’s fauna and flora. The salicornia is... leer más

19) Santa Pola Lighthouse (El Faro)

GPS de Santa Pola Lighthouse (El Faro): 38.2243, -0.518071

Santa Pola’s Sierra is located on a coral reef of the Messinien Era. In this area there is an abundance of white pines, eucalyptus and cypress trees. These trees were repopulated because the original trees were cut down and used for... leer más

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