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Seville Audio-guide

Ficha Técnica de la Audioguía
  • Duración: 180 minutos
  • Número de Pistas: 99
  • Tipo: Profesional
  • Temática: Monumental
  • Pertenece a: Jose Barrero
  • Fecha de Grabación:
  • Idioma:en
  • Otros idiomas: it es fr en
  • Rutas:
    Route I,
    Route II,
    Route III,
    Route IV,

Sevilla en el Mapa

Seville Audio-guide

Sevilla, whose historic center is one of the largest in Europe, with approximately three miles long by two wide and thanks to its heritage and monuments and its various cultural scenic areas and make it a major recipient of national tourism city and internationally. Among his most representative monuments find monuments such as the Giralda, the Cathedral, the Alcazar, the Archivo de Indias and the Torre del Oro (All Included in this audio guide). Some of which were declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987. The Museum of Fine Arts in Seville is the most visited museum in Andalusia and the second most important gallery in Spain.

Thanks to the celebration of the Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929, the city experienced a major urban development characterized by the construction of parks and buildings designed for the event, as the Park of Maria Luisa and the Plaza of Spain. The Universal Exhibition of 1992 left a legacy in the city a major infrastructure improvements, mainly in land and aeronautical communications, especially with access to AVE railway station Santa Justa.

We invite you to know, thanks to our guide, this wonderful city, full of streets, squares and major monuments.

With this audio guide to know a bit of Easter, the vast cathedral, the April fair, interesting anecdotes, bridges, ultimately we will show the best way to discover the city’s Andalusian charm.

The audio guide includes a map. Pdf Seville’s historic center to help you get around the city

Welcome to Sevilla

Route I

1) Prologue

GPS de Prologue: 37.3887, -5.99452

2) Prologue, continuation

GPS de Prologue, continuation: 0, 0

3) The Square of San Francisco

GPS de The Square of San Francisco: 37.3887, -5.99407

Better known as the Town Hall Square is the point of departure of our audio guide, it focused the three reigning powers in past centuries, each represented in a building in the plaza: The real power, municipal power and ecclesiastical power. leer más

4) Town Hall

GPS de Town Hall: 37.3883, -5.99442

5) Hernando Colon Street and Archbishop's Palace

GPS de Hernando Colon Street and Archbishop's Palace: 37.3879, -5.99372

6) Giralda

GPS de Giralda: 37.3861, -5.99257

7) The Cathedral

GPS de The Cathedral : 37.3858, -5.99234

The Cathedral of Seville appears in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest cathedral in Continental Europe, built on the ruins of the mosque of Seville, which was destroyed in the earthquakes of the late fourteenth century, then the canons of... leer más

8) Inside the Cathedral

GPS de Inside the Cathedral: 37.3859, -5.9931

9) Monument Inmaculada and Square Santa Marta

GPS de Monument Inmaculada and Square Santa Marta : 37.3861, -5.99179

10) Earthquake Flashlight- Cross of oaths-Tower of Abdelacid

GPS de Earthquake Flashlight- Cross of oaths-Tower of Abdelacid: 37.3852, -5.9921

11) Archive of the Indies

GPS de Archive of the Indies: 37.3848, -5.99389

12) Arc of the Silver- House of Engagement

GPS de Arc of the Silver- House of Engagement: 37.3841, -5.9925

13) The Royal Alcazar

GPS de The Royal Alcazar: 37.3847, -5.99233

14) Anecdote of the Alcazar

GPS de Anecdote of the Alcazar: 37.3848, -5.9919

This story has an important moral lesson. Fact or Fiction worth listening to while you enjoy the Alcázar. leer más

15) Yard flags

GPS de Yard flags: 37.3846, -5.99141

16) Judería

GPS de Judería: 37.3844, -5.99065

17) Square of Doña Elvira

GPS de Square of Doña Elvira: 37.3843, -5.99053

18) Hospital of the Venerable

GPS de Hospital of the Venerable: 37.3849, -5.99029

19) Square of Alfaro

GPS de Square of Alfaro: 37.3848, -5.98877

20) Square of Santa Cruz

GPS de Square of Santa Cruz: 37.3851, -5.98833

21) Convent of Santa Teresa

GPS de Convent of Santa Teresa: 37.3855, -5.98875

22) Square of Santa María

GPS de Square of Santa María : 37.3867, -5.98789

23) Church of Santa María la Blanca

GPS de Church of Santa María la Blanca: 37.3868, -5.98785

24) Convent Mother of God

GPS de Convent Mother of God: 37.3877, -5.98864

25) Levies Street- Square of Mercedarias

GPS de Levies Street- Square of Mercedarias: 37.3884, -5.98785

26) Céspedes Street

GPS de Céspedes Street: 37.3881, -5.987

27) Gardens Catalina Ribera

GPS de Gardens Catalina Ribera: 37.3877, -5.98723

28) Real Cigar Factory

GPS de Real Cigar Factory: 37.3813, -5.99047

29) San Telmo Palace

GPS de San Telmo Palace: 37.3806, -5.9936

30) Door of Jeréz

GPS de Door of Jeréz: 37.3821, -5.9934

31) Adolfo Rodríguez Jurado Street - House of Money

GPS de Adolfo Rodríguez Jurado Street - House of Money: 37.3822, -5.99472

32) Hospital and Chapel Atarazanas

GPS de Hospital and Chapel Atarazanas: 37.3827, -5.99507

34) Real Maestranza

GPS de Real Maestranza: 37.3858, -5.99844

The Cathedral of Bullfighting, the most famous bullring in the world, the Real Maestranza de Sevilla, is a symbol of Seville and bullfighting. On the door of the prince have spent the most famous bullfighters of history. leer más

Route II

35) View of Triana

GPS de View of Triana: 37.387, -6.00175

36) Bridge of Triana

GPS de Bridge of Triana: 37.3872, -6.00162

37) Convent of San Pablo

GPS de Convent of San Pablo: 37.3898, -5.99886

38) Square of Magdalena

GPS de Square of Magdalena: 37.3907, -5.99716

39) Sierpes Street- Real Prison

GPS de Sierpes Street- Real Prison: 37.3902, -5.99437

40) Square Museum- Convent of Merced

GPS de Square Museum- Convent of Merced: 37.3932, -6.00103

41) Anecdote of the Friars

GPS de Anecdote of the Friars: 37.393, -5.99908

42) Statue of Murillo

GPS de Statue of Murillo: 37.3929, -5.99853

43) Alfonso XII Street

GPS de Alfonso XII Street: 37.3929, -5.99817

44) School of Hispanic Studies

GPS de School of Hispanic Studies: 37.3928, -5.99704

45) Square Duque

GPS de Square Duque: 37.3928, -5.99613

46) Velazquez Monument

GPS de Velazquez Monument: 37.393, -5.99606

47) Chapel of San Hermenegildo

GPS de Chapel of San Hermenegildo: 37.3943, -5.99628

48) Square of Gavidia

GPS de Square of Gavidia: 37.3948, -5.99674

49) Jesús del Gran Poder Street

GPS de Jesús del Gran Poder Street: 37.3955, -5.99562

50) Conde de Barajas Street

GPS de Conde de Barajas Street: 37.3963, -5.99604

51) Square of San Lorenzo

GPS de Square of San Lorenzo: 37.3964, -5.9965

52) Hernán Cortés Street

GPS de Hernán Cortés Street: 37.3968, -5.99581

53) Bucarelli Palace

GPS de Bucarelli Palace: 37.3989, -5.99674

54) Guadalquivir Street

GPS de Guadalquivir Street: 37.3996, -5.99663

55) Convent of San Clemente

GPS de Convent of San Clemente: 37.4011, -5.99601

56) Jesús del Gran Poder

GPS de Jesús del Gran Poder: 37.3995, -5.9945

57) College of the Chiquitos

GPS de College of the Chiquitos: 37.3968, -5.99534

58) Amor de Dios Street

GPS de Amor de Dios Street: 37.3954, -5.99447

59) La Campana

GPS de La Campana: 37.3928, -5.99485

60) Faculty of Fine Arts

GPS de Faculty of Fine Arts: 37.3928, -5.99281

61) Church of San Pedro

GPS de Church of San Pedro: 37.3927, -5.99007

62) Church of Santa Catalina

GPS de Church of Santa Catalina: 37.393, -5.98836

63) Square of Terceros

GPS de Square of Terceros: 37.3934, -5.9882

64) Square of San Marcos

GPS de Square of San Marcos: 37.3962, -5.98781

65) Church of San Luis

GPS de Church of San Luis: 37.3987, -5.98817

66) Square of Pumarejo

GPS de Square of Pumarejo: 37.4008, -5.98858

67) Basílica of the Macarena

GPS de Basílica of the Macarena: 37.4021, -5.98948

68) Wall of the Macarena

GPS de Wall of the Macarena: 37.4029, -5.98843

69) Convent of Capuchinos

GPS de Convent of Capuchinos: 37.3999, -5.98407

70) Convent of the Trinidad

GPS de Convent of the Trinidad: 37.3972, -5.98147

71) Anecdote Count fist in face

GPS de Anecdote Count fist in face: 37.3931, -5.98402

72) Mosqueta and San Esteban Street

GPS de Mosqueta and San Esteban Street: 37.3893, -5.98478

73) House Pilatos

GPS de House Pilatos: 37.3898, -5.98686

74) Head of King Don Pedro Street

GPS de Head of King Don Pedro Street: 37.3899, -5.98906

75) Square of Alfalfa

GPS de Square of Alfalfa: 37.3904, -5.99078

76) Church of Salvador

GPS de Church of Salvador: 37.3899, -5.99301

Route III

77) Statue of Cid

GPS de Statue of Cid: 37.3796, -5.98907

78) Mr. Huntington History

GPS de Mr. Huntington History: 37.3792, -5.98897

79) Portugal Pavilion

GPS de Portugal Pavilion: 37.3795, -5.98841

80) Maria Luisa Park

GPS de Maria Luisa Park: 37.3789, -5.98916

81) History of Maria Luisa Park

GPS de History of Maria Luisa Park: 37.3778, -5.98859

82) Square of Spain

GPS de Square of Spain : 37.377, -5.98704

83) Roundabout Hermanos Álvarez Quintero

GPS de Roundabout Hermanos Álvarez Quintero: 37.373, -5.98743

84) The square of America

GPS de The square of America: 37.3715, -5.98743

85) Brasil, Méjico and Colombia Pavilions

GPS de Brasil, Méjico and Colombia Pavilions: 37.3711, -5.98735

86) Sewing Queen. EEUU Pavilion

GPS de Sewing Queen. EEUU Pavilion: 0, 0

87) Perú, Chile Pavilions and Casino Exhibition

GPS de Perú, Chile Pavilions and Casino Exhibition: 37.3786, -5.99008

Route IV

88) Square of Cuba. Carriage Museum

GPS de Square of Cuba. Carriage Museum: 37.3801, -5.99769

89) Juan Sebastián Elcano

GPS de Juan Sebastián Elcano: 37.3803, -5.9986

90) Betis Street. Anecdote of Polvorín

GPS de Betis Street. Anecdote of Polvorín: 37.383, -5.99942

91) Pureza Street

GPS de Pureza Street: 37.383, -6.00015

92) Church of Santa Ana

GPS de Church of Santa Ana: 37.383, -6.00051


93) The Cartuja

GPS de The Cartuja: 37.3987, -6.00649

94) San Fernando I Cemetery

GPS de San Fernando I Cemetery : 0, 0

95) San Fernando II Cemetery

GPS de San Fernando II Cemetery: 0, 0

96) Sevilla Music

GPS de Sevilla Music: 0, 0

97) Sevilla Live

GPS de Sevilla Live: 37.3987, -6.00649

98) Events & Shows

GPS de Events & Shows: 0, 0

99) Souvenirs of Sevilla

GPS de Souvenirs of Sevilla: 0, 0

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