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Audioguide Ourense

Specifications of the Audioguide
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Number of Tracks: 30
  • Type: Profesional
  • Topic: Termal , Monumental y Gastronómica
  • Property of: Concellería de Turismo de Ourense. Ourentur.
  • Creation Date:
  • Language:en
  • More languages: es gal en
  • Routes:
    Live and Feel Ourense,
    Ourense Hot Water Springs,
    Ourense Historical Sites,
    Gastronomic Ourense,
    Unique Ourense

Ourense in the Map

Audioguide Ourense

Live and Feel Ourense

1) Live and feel Ourense

GPS of Live and feel Ourense: 0, 0

Since its beginnings, Ourense has been famous for its hot water springs, which were greatly valued by the Romans who moved to this Valley almost 2,000 years ago. Today it’s the spa town of reference in Europe, with a volume of over 4 million... read more

Ourense Hot Water Springs

2) Ourense Hot Water Springs

GPS of Ourense Hot Water Springs: 0, 0

Ourense is the spa capital of Galicia. Over recent years it has made a great effort to condition the open-air hot bath areas that for centuries have been used by the local community, creating both outdoor and semi-enclosed spa areas. The spa is a... read more

3) Las Burgas Historical Hot Water Springs

GPS of Las Burgas Historical Hot Water Springs: 42.3347, -7.8654

Since its beginnings, Ourense has been famous for its hot water springs, which were greatly valued by the Romans who moved to the valley almost 2.000 years ago. Today it’s a reference for hot water springs in Europe, with a volume of over 4... read more

4) The Spa of Outariz

GPS of The Spa of Outariz: 42.3502, -7.9141

The Outariz spa is inspired by Zen culture and Japanese hydrotherapy, a place of peace and tranquillity which occupies an area of 400 square metres integrated into the natural surroundings alongside the river Miño. The spa offers a wide range of... read more

5) The Chavasqueira Hot Baths

GPS of The Chavasqueira Hot Baths: 42.3472, -7.87832

The Chavasqueira hot baths are of private ownership with affordable prices. They are situated on the banks of the river Miño, neighbouring the public bathing area, and its architecture is very much inspired by the Japanese spa style. Their list... read more

6) The Outariz and Burgas de Canedo Hot Springs

GPS of The Outariz and Burgas de Canedo Hot Springs: 42.3479, -7.91711

The Outariz and Burgas de Canedo hot springs are two groups of outdoor hot springs located in a recreational area with gardens on the right hand bank of the river Miño and they are connected to the other side by a pedestrian footbridge. In the... read more

7) The Hot Water Springs of Chavasqueira

GPS of The Hot Water Springs of Chavasqueira: 42.3469, -7.87851

The Chavasqueira hot water springs are a group of small outdoor hot water pools that are open to all and free of charge. They are located on the banks of the river Miño and are set in garden surroundings. The hot springs have long been known as... read more

8) The Muiño da Veiga Hot Water Baths

GPS of The Muiño da Veiga Hot Water Baths: 42.3516, -7.91017

The Muíño da Veiga hot water baths, with free access and no charge, are located almost in the river Miño itself. It consists of a group of four outdoor hot water baths next to a fully restored old wooden mill, which gives the baths their name.... read more

9) The Tinteiro Spring

GPS of The Tinteiro Spring: 42.3523, -7.88336

The Tinteiro Spring is very popular in the city for its beneficial properties. It’s a hot spring located on a viewing platform overlooking the river Miño, equipped with footbaths and small pools. With free access and no charge, the Tinteiro... read more

Ourense Historical Sites

10) Ourense Historical Sites

GPS of Ourense Historical Sites: 0, 0

The old town of Ourense, and also the city’s centre of activity, is a labyrinth of streets and cobbled squares of immense beauty, where baroque and 19th century architecture coexist in restored traditional buildings. It houses a multitude of... read more

11) The Plaza Mayor (Main Square) and the City Hall

GPS of The Plaza Mayor (Main Square) and the City Hall: 42.3357, -7.86398

The city of Ourense came into being during the Roman age in the area of As Burgas, but its development took place in medieval times with the Plaza Mayor acting as pivotal, owing to the presence of the most important buildings: the town hall and... read more

12) The San Martiño Cathedral – History and Main Facade

GPS of The San Martiño Cathedral – History and Main Facade: 42.3362, -7.863

The history of the Cathedral is tied to the diocese of Ourense, whose origins are lost in time, although names are now known of Bishops from as far back as the 6th century. The first Cathedral is from the Suevo period, which is believed to have... read more

13) The San Martiño Cathedral – The North Door

GPS of The San Martiño Cathedral – The North Door: 42.3367, -7.86305

Before calming their souls in the Cathedral, the people of Ourense calm their bodies in the neighbouring streets, because the North door leads to the area of wine bars. These are the Streets of Viriato, Lepanto, Hornos and Reunion; streets that... read more

14) The San Martiño Cathedral – The Chapel of Santo Cristo or Christ’s Chapel

GPS of The San Martiño Cathedral – The Chapel of Santo Cristo or Christ’s Chapel: 42.3364, -7.8629

As the lyrics of a popular Spanish tune go “...There are three things in Ourense, that there aren’t in Spain: Santo Cristo, the Bridge and the boiling water of Burgas...” “La capilla del Santo Cristo” (or Christ’s Chapel) accumulated... read more

15) The Cathedral of San Martiño – The Interior

GPS of The Cathedral of San Martiño – The Interior: 42.3364, -7.86323

The Cathedral of Ourense was built between the second half of the 12th century and the first part of the 13th century, owing to which its structure and some of its elements are Romanic. The Gothic period followed, which can be seen in the... read more

16) The San Martiño Cathedral – The “Pórtico del Paraíso” (or Portico of Paradise)

GPS of The San Martiño Cathedral – The “Pórtico del Paraíso” (or Portico of Paradise): 42.3364, -7.86383

The “Pórtico del Paraíso” (or Portico of Paradise), is situated inside at the front of the Cathedral of Ourense. It was built in the 13th century by the students of the master craftsman Mateo, taking inspiration for his work from the... read more

17) Magdalena Square and Santa Maria Nai Church

GPS of Magdalena Square and Santa Maria Nai Church: 42.3356, -7.86336

Observe first of all the ground we are standing on. It is the pavement that once existed in many streets of Ourense. The stones are placed on what is called ‘reo’, which means lying on their side. These pebbles are brought from the river... read more

18) Plaza do Trigo (Wheat Square)

GPS of Plaza do Trigo (Wheat Square): 42.336, -7.863

The town market was in the main square and in other nearby squares there were specialised markets of lesser importance, such as this one dedicated to wheat, from which the name of the square is derived. It was also once the potter’s square,... read more

19) Plaza do Correxidor

GPS of Plaza do Correxidor: 42.3364, -7.86209

The Correxidor was the Mayor-come-Magistrate of the period. Of his residence, nothing remains other than the corner seen ahead of us and to the right, as we stand with our backs to the cathedral. From here, the arms of the Catholic Kings can be... read more

20) The Oca Valladares-Liceo Palace

GPS of The Oca Valladares-Liceo Palace: 42.3363, -7.86446

The Oca Valladares Palace is one of the Galicia’s most important Gothic-Renaissance stately homes. It was built by Alvaro de Oca y Deza in 1522 although the facade was finished in 1583. It has two floors and its austere frontage brandishes five... read more

21) Saint Eufemia Church

GPS of Saint Eufemia Church: 42.3366, -7.86463

Those who arrive here early in the morning can enjoy the sun illuminating the most significant feature of the church: the facade, baroque-looking and of great stylistic coherency despite having taken some 100 years to complete. We owe the facade... read more

22) Municipal Museum - Lepanto Street - Plaza do Fierro

GPS of Municipal Museum - Lepanto Street - Plaza do Fierro: 42.3368, -7.86304

Although the city was not walled, its boundaries were well defined and even had gates such as the Corredoira gate. This was in the Fierro square, before the church of Santo Domingo ever existed. As the city grew the gates were moved. In this... read more

23) Iglesia de la Santísima Trinidad or Church of the Holy Trinity

GPS of Iglesia de la Santísima Trinidad or Church of the Holy Trinity: 42.333, -7.86389

The entrance, which is accessed from the square of A Trinidade, comes from the old San Roque or Saint Roch hospital, which was located in the Alameda and it is from there that the representation of the Saint and his dog Melampo comes. The other... read more

24) Chapel of Saints Cosmas and Damian

GPS of Chapel of Saints Cosmas and Damian: 42.3331, -7.86179

In this square stands the small chapel of Saints Cosmas and Damian, with its plateresque style entrance, this being even more in evidence inside. It is the work of the contemporary sculptor Arturo Baltar, resident here since 1980, in which year... read more

25) Santo Domingo Church

GPS of Santo Domingo Church: 42.3386, -7.86332

The church of Santo Domingo was the fruit of a donation by an ‘indiano’ – that is a Spanish immigrant who returned from the Americas as a wealthy person. He was Domingo Rodriguez de Araujo, originally from Vilanova das Infants in Celanova,... read more

26) Church of San Francisco

GPS of Church of San Francisco: 42.3418, -7.86365

The church of the Franciscans was built in the 14th century on the city’s high ground, away from the bustle of the city centre. Only the Gothic cloister has been preserved from this original site. The church was moved in 1929 to a new location... read more

27) The Puente Romano – Roman Bridge

GPS of The Puente Romano – Roman Bridge: 42.3444, -7.86889

The old Roman Bridge used to be on the outskirts and was a transit point for travellers, merchants and pilgrims but was also frequented by thieves. The nearby Chapel of los Remedios, built in the 16th century by Méndez Montoto, was intended to... read more

28) Millennium Bridge and other bridges

GPS of Millennium Bridge and other bridges: 42.3452, -7.87417

The Millennium Bridge acts as the contrasting point to the Roman bridge. Pedestrians have been taken into account and given their own walkway with good views over the river Miño and the city of Ourense. In 1998 the Roman bridge was permanently... read more

Gastronomic Ourense

29) Gastronomic Ourense

GPS of Gastronomic Ourense: 42.3368, -7.86282

Ourense brings together the best of the essence in cuisine. Many of the best known Galician gastronomical products are produced here. Bread, wine, meat and potatoes are just a few of the basic ingredients, abundant in variety and of exquisite... read more

Unique Ourense

30) Unique Ourense

GPS of Unique Ourense: 42.3353, -7.86638

Ourense has major attractions and unique and indispensable points of interest for tourists. A must is a visit to the Plaza de Abastos -or Provisions Market- which is the largest market in the city. The building itself was built in 1929 and has... read more

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