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Telde, where history borns

Specifications of the Audioguide
  • Duration: 25 minutes
  • Number of Tracks: 9
  • Type: Profesional
  • Topic: CityBreaks
  • Property of: Carlos Rodríguez
  • Creation Date:
  • Language:en
  • More languages: es en de
  • Routes:
    Discover Telde

Telde in the Map

Telde, where history borns

For more than 2000 years Telde city has been one of the main decision and population centre of Gran Canaria.

Obispado de la Fortuna, Basílica de San Juan, El Chorrillo, El Bailadero, via crucis franciscano, the aqueduct…several places to visit which are witness of the city events where the island history borns.

As Uruguayan musician Quintín Cabrera says:

“Cities are books

that are read with feet”

Download the audio guide and listen it comfortably with your MP3 device or your
smartphone. This audio guide has 9 tracks and a map that will help you to discover the historic Telde city by yourself.

Discover Telde and live its history with us.

“Las ciudades son libros

que se leen con los pies”

Quintín Cabrera

Discover Telde

Square and Basílica of San Juan
1) Square and Basílica of San Juan

GPS of Square and Basílica of San Juan: 0, 0

2) Nexus

GPS of Nexus: 0, 0

Callejón de La Fuente
3) Callejón de La Fuente

GPS of Callejón de La Fuente: 0, 0

El Chorrillo
4) El Chorrillo

GPS of El Chorrillo: 0, 0

5) Altozano

GPS of Altozano: 0, 0

Plaza de Los Romeros
6) Plaza de Los Romeros

GPS of Plaza de Los Romeros: 0, 0

Plaza de San Francisco
7) Plaza de San Francisco

GPS of Plaza de San Francisco: 0, 0

Bailadero street
8) Bailadero street

GPS of Bailadero street: 0, 0

9) Aqueduct

GPS of Aqueduct: 0, 0

Square and Basílica of San Juan - Caneducam SCP Nexus - Caneducam SCP Callejón de La Fuente - Caneducam SCP
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